November 30

The moon diary

imageWe recorded the moon from the 1st of November to the 30th of November. There are eight phases of the moon: first quarter third quarter waning crescent waxing crescent waning gibbous waxing gibbous new moon and full moon. It got smaller then new then bigger then full.

November 19

The Planets

Yesterday: we finished creating the sun on about 150 sheets of A3 paper then we went outside and made a scale model of solar system. We could only fit murcury.

today: we did a sheet where we had to write some question answers then we drew a model of the solar system

November 4


Contractions are when a letter or letters are replaced with an apostrophe. One example is can’t (can not). In this example the apostrophe replaces the n and the o in not, making it can’t

some more examples are
I I’m smart
I am I’ll go know
I will I’d go if I could
I would I’ve got stuff to do
I have I’d go but …
I had I’d
you you’re not going anywhere
you are you’ll never be able to do it
you will you’d like it, wouldn’t you?
you would you’ve got homework to do
you have you’d think so but no
you had you’d be surprised
he he’s not going
he is he’ll have been in my room
he will he’d been on the phone to get the chance to win
he would he’s a great person
he has he’d been in my way before
he had he’d
she she’s
she is she’ll
she will she’d
she would she’s
she has she’d
she had
it it’s (or ’tis)
it is it’ll
it will it’d
it would it’s
it has it’d
it had
we we’re
we are we’ll
we will we’d
we would we’ve
we have we’d
we had
they they’re
they are they’ll
they will they’d
they would they’ve
they have they’d
they had
that that’s
that is that’ll
that will that’d
that would that’s
that has that’d
that had
who who’s
who is who’ll
who will who’d
who would who’s
who has who’d
who had
what what’s/what’re
what is/what are what’ll
what will what’d
what would what’s
what has what’d
what had
where where’s
where is where’ll
where will where’d
where would where’s
where has where’d
where had
when when’s
when is when’ll
when will when’d
when would when’s
when has when’d
when had
why why’s
why is why’ll
why will why’d
why would why’s
why has why’d
why had
how how’s
how is how’ll
how will how’d
how would


October 29

Police visit

Today police officer Sean came in and talked to us about 3 things about leadership. They were don’t be shy because you won’t be voted if know one knows who you are, don’t make a bad example because you may not remember it but someone else will and don’t, for example don’t say don’t run on the path and then run on the path. These things are important so people don’t think you a bad leader. This was similar to Mrs Montgomerys talk because they both told to lead by example and it was different because they both said different things

October 28


Today Mrs Montgomery talked to about leadership. Some of the things she talked about were honesty, listening, teamwork, staying strong, trusting your friends, having a sense of humour and focusing on what is important.

These things are important because people will listen to you and agree with you. I think leadership is important because otherwise people would not listen and argue all the time.

one example I use listen is when we sit on the floor and listen to Miss May.There are many things that need leadership and being a grade 5 is one and that is why I and others show leadership.

October 6


A Haiku poem is a poem where there are 3 lines, 5 syllables on the first and third line and 7 syllables on the second line. It is from Japan.


Animals are born

spring is a warm time of year

flowers bloom in spring