August 5

Leadership day

Today we went to Montmorency Secondary collage. We learnt about leadership skills such as teamwork, strategy and persistence. We met previous Apollo students. We played fun games to work on our leadership skills my favourite activity was cops and robbers. I didn’t have a least favourite. Over all today was amazing

July 17

My thing that went well this week was getting into the school hockey team because I play hockey and I’m very good at The Subject

now i have a question for you

What went well in your week

July 17

How to make quality post

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Dear future blog runners,

I’m going to tell you how to make a quality post.

First, write the title.

Second, think of what you want the post to be about.

Third write some of the things you want to.

Forth reread your work and check for mistakes.

Fith once your happy you can publish your work. make sure there’s no backgrounds because you could ruin your work and do NOT put in text talk. putting in a photo is optional.